Hi there!

Hi there!

If you treat your body like a temple, you’ll get to be the great divinity ruling it.
— Pella, because sometimes she gets creative

Who is Pella?

Hi there! My name is Pella and I am the brains (and heart) of this blog. I am a young woman from Finland, with the age of eighteen summers. I have been running various blogs ever since I was in the beginning of my teenage years, and my longest project has been a blog known as Symphonicats, which had been updated ever since the late summer of 2014.

My interests outside blogging include reading books, writing stories and short novels, engaging in YouTube activity (find my channel here!), listening and playing music, studying and researching, drawing and illustrating, travelling or planning to travel, and playing video games.

A dream of mine is to become as educated and cultured as I can in my lifetime, and look back to the milestones - small and big - when I'm older. I see blogging and vlogging as a way to gather the memories and reminisce about the wonders of life at every stage of my journey.

So what is Pearls of Pella?

Pearls of Pella was created on the 31st of March 2017. After setting up the majority of the page within the trial period of Squarespace, the blog has updated with a spicing of a little bit of everything.

Mainly this blog focuses on the life of Pella, where adventures and discoveries are made in a recurring pace, and those journeys to the core of the soul are equal in the face of blogging: be it big or small a thing, it is most likely to be posted here. Favourite food, enjoyable books, healthy ways of living, delightful films and TV shows, exciting travels, beautiful cosmetics and wonderful decor are only a glimpse to what my life can hold and what is posted here on this blog. Of course, my lovely readers (I'm talking about YOU) can always suggest to me what to post, and the magic of my fingers that work on the keyboard might bring those wishes to life!

If you want to ask a question, please leave a comment in any of my posts - I will be sure to read them all!

Any further contact, feedback, and even collaboration matters can be sent to:

pellaspearls ( at ) gmail.com