Sunday Brunch at Fazer's

Sunday Brunch at Fazer's


The day is chilly because it's the winter holidays for the whole of next week, so we're all just chilling at home (pun intended) because there will be no rush in the morning tomorrow! Today at 1 p.m. (13:00) my whole family and I went all the way to Fazerila for brunch. For many Finns, Fazer is the multi-purpose factory that specialises in chocolate and sweets, but also makes bread and owns a lot of familiar brands to many who live here. Personally my favourite chocolate comes from Fazer, and they make tasty food, so I had nothing against the idea to go for a Sunday brunch to Fazer Experience, near the Fazer factories!

I remembered today that my very first, "official" post here on the blog was about breakfast I had in Flamingo, about a year ago. It made me realise how far I've come with blogging in a year, and how excited I was back then that I had started this blog. So with that kind of joy in my heart, I now write to you about my day, my first ever experience at a new place, where I had the most delicious brunch I've probably ever had. Enjoy! ❤

For the starters (ha) I will tell you a bit about my morning. After taking the dogs for a walk and washing my hair, I did the one thing I had longed to do for so long. And that was doing my makeup. I know I had promised to myself, "I will wake up every school morning at 6 a.m. and do my makeup!" but because I'm such a snoozer and poor at waking up early voluntarily, it's been but a dream, and I usually wake up at 7 instead. That means I only have the time to do my brows, put on some mascara, add lipstick, and if I have any extra time on my hands, perhaps add some powder to even out my skin tone. So because of my usual rush, I deliberately took my time and turned it into quality time doing my makeup, and gosh, did I love it! I love doing my makeup slowly and with maximum pleasure, and today was no exception!

Here's a collage I did with my selfies I took afterwards - I'm really happy with the results! I have a picture below this one where I show you some of the makeup used - note, not all of the makeup, but the main products my look was built around!

I actually decided, while uploading this picture, that I'd tell you the details of all my makeup I (would want to) use every day in a separate post, so I could get through the products in depth for you all to see and enjoy! You can already guess a few items from this picture, but know that a thorough display will be coming soon!

I actually decided, while uploading this picture, that I'd tell you the details of all my makeup I (would want to) use every day in a separate post, so I could get through the products in depth for you all to see and enjoy! You can already guess a few items from this picture, but know that a thorough display will be coming soon!

When we were about to go I not only realised I hadn't had any breakfast, I also had skipped my morning coffee - the most crucial thing in the morning! Mum had just got new Nespresso capsules for our coffee machine, and as the first cup of coffee all morning, the home-made vanilla coffee with coconut milk was the perfect treat!

2018-02-18 03.01.02 1.jpg

Let's get to the food! The first plate I gathered from the buffet had Caesar salad and smoked salmon. I loved this combination, maybe because it's what I always have with a baked potato whenever I'm having lunch at Kulmakonditoria in Tikkurila. The salad was super savoury and the salmon was tasty as well - a very great first impression, if I may say so!

2018-02-18 03.01.01 2.jpg

With that I had a smoothie that I believe was a strawberry banana smoothie - I just can't remember. And I don't even know if it read anywhere, either? It might have - but I just can't recall what berries or fruits it had. All I remember of it was that it was sweet and delicious, and super cute in this gorgeous serving glass.

2018-02-18 03.01.01 1.jpg

From there I went for something I am not allowed to have at home, because of its high sugar rate and unhealthiness: granola. I know most of the granola is actually healthier than the ones we get in Finland, but because sugary granola is all we get here in this cold country, I took the opportunity to have some for this occasion. It was so good I could've cried, if I hadn't done my makeup so carefully! Natural yoghurt was the perfect thing to balance the sweetness, and the dried berries added so much taste. Such a treat is definitely deserved every once in a while.

2018-02-18 03.48.28 1.jpg

The granola was accompanied with some apple juice - you should all know it's one of my favourite drinks!

Apple juice - not beer. ;)

Apple juice - not beer. ;)

When I saw these cute croissants I couldn't just leave them there - I had not one, but two of them, and so I enjoyed another food I get to have too seldom!

2018-02-18 03.01.00 2.jpg

With the croissants I had a small bowl of fruit salad, which I was a bit nervous about trying because it involved oranges, or some other citrus fruit that I knew would irritate my gums. Luckily that was not the case with this bowl of fruits, as I was able to enjoy the whole thing in all peace, without my mouth cursing at me!

2018-02-18 03.00.59 1.jpg

Then we got to the desserts, because as I mentioned earlier, Fazer is well known for their sweets and so it would've been a bad business move to leave out the chocolatey desserts out of their buffet. So for dessert number one I had this super delicious chocolate cake - oh my, delicious is an understatement! It was made of this savoury chocolate with a crunchy base and dark top, and just tasted so good - you'll have to try it out yourself, because words can't describe enough how amazing it was!

2018-02-18 03.00.59 2.jpg

With the cake I took a few sweets from the sweets bowl that my brother pointed out to me, because I was too short to realise to look above the cake trays. I picked Fazer's "blue" chocolate (Fazerin Sininen, in Finnish) which is pretty much your regular milk chocolate with this exaggeration of chocolate (which is only a good thing, mind you), and some Marianne mint chocolate.

2018-02-18 03.00.58 2.jpg

And to top it all off, I got to taste the most exciting drink, that kind of let me down, which was the Fazer's Geisha coffee. In the picture below it looks extraordinary, with the heart pink like the packaging of the well-known chocolate, but when you tasted it... I don't know, it kind of just tasted like regular coffee? If you have tried it out, please let me know if you find it different from any other cappuccino or latte, because I just couldn't taste it. Maybe it's because my taste buds are half-blind to new tastes, or the coffee was too hot, but all I can say about it is that it was delicious, don't get me wrong - it just didn't "wow" me.

2018-02-18 03.00.58 1.jpg

So that was pretty much all I had to say about my first experience at Fazer Experience! Overall the brunch was a success, and I absolutely loved spending a Sunday afternoon eating delicacies in all peace, with no rush in the world.

Tomorrow Mum and my two youngest brothers are travelling to Nokia, near Tampere, to spend a night at a spa hotel, which is the best way to spend the first official day of the winter holidays I can imagine! I will be blogging that trip afterwards, so be sure to check it out when it appears here on the blog! ❤

Now if you'll excuse me, I will be reading to my history ME-s, that loom dark in my horizon. Wish me luck!

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