My 2018 Reading List!

My 2018 Reading List!

This all started when I decided to get back to bullet journaling this year, and at the same time wanted to read more books. Boom! A reading list in my bullet journal was made. I'm going to attempt to read all the books below before the end of the year, and try to write a review on them as well, so if you want to know what I'll be reading and reviewing this year, then please read on! :)

Jojo Moyes: Me Before You

I saw the film years ago and absolutely fell in love with it, maybe because of the aesthetically appealing posters around the city of London, and because Emilia Clarke was starring the main character? I loved the plot and wanted to dig myself into the storyline, the written depths of the characters, and their interaction with the world and each other. I bought the book from Pocket Shop in Finnish, even though I had wanted it in English - oh well, at least my Finnish gets a wider vocabulary for the matriculation exams!

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Jen Sincero: You Are A Badass

A book I've wanted to finish for a very long time. I got it over a year ago and I've been reading it quite scarcely, basically anytime I'm in need for some help and guidance in life. The book is all about the energies and vibes you set out into the world, and how you can change your whole life by changing your alignment with these energies. A classic Law of Attraction guide, it's entertaining to read which makes me want to scour for more. I really, really, really want to finish the book this year so I can always go back and pick out the exercises whenever I need to, just as it's meant to be done!

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Lynn Flewelling: Stalking Darkness

The fantasy book with two gay men as protagonists. No, seriously! I absolutely adored the first book in this Nightrunner series, Luck in the Shadows, even more once I learned that the hints of a romance between the men was written on pure purpose! The first book was a success in many ways, and I can't wait to read a continuation on their adventures - and if their relationship will eventually bloom into something more than "just friends"!

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Jan Siegel: The Dragon-Charmer

Again, the first part of the series got me hooked and I've been burning to read the next part! I had actually started reading this in summer as you've probably seen here on the blog, but I kind of forgot about it when the book kept disappearing. Now that I have it back in my bookshelf I want to read more than those few pages I went through, possibly having it as something I'll be reading this summer! The main character was so adorable and I could barely handle the beautiful, yet saddening ending of the previous book, Prospero's Children. It's about time to see where the next part gets us!

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Gabrielle Bernstein: The Universe Has Your Back

Another self-help book, this one covers all the basics of the Law of Attraction. I borrowed it from my Mum and have been reading a chapter or two, and I already want to devour all the love and the positive energy of the book into my soul! Gabby Bernstein writes assuringly and gives true spiritual guidance, and it helped me get my life back on track by surrounding myself with lovely things through the vibes I give to the world. I feel so much more in touch with the Universe and I haven't even gotten through 1/4 of the book! That's why I want to finish this and then possibly read more of her books later in life whenever I acquire them.

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Camilla Läckberg: Buried Angels

You know I loved The Drowning by Camilla Läckberg as I did a full-on review of it as one of my first blog posts (accessible here). I had hauled a lot of Läckberg's books from the book faire last autumn, and I chose this book to start reading. The book's back cover screams a chilling thriller that is going to twist your head and give you nightmares... just what I want in a good Swedish detective story! Again, this book is in Finnish, which will be a fun read as I only tend to read Swedish thrillers in the Swedish language. We'll see how it turns out!

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Anne Bishop: Queen Of The Darkness

The final part of my favourite book series - oh, I don't think I'm ready! When I finish this book I should totally do a complete review of the three books that have made their way into my heart and etched themselves into the core of my being. I could go on and on about why the first book, Daughter of the Blood is my favourite book ever, but I just want to throw out there that when I eventually finish reading the finale of this beautiful, life-changing dark fantasy book series, I don't know what I'll do with my life. Other than reread all three books, ha ha. In short: I want to read this book but at the same I don't want the series to end. Please tell me somebody can relate to that? ;D

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Those are the books I'm trying to get read before 2019! After counting them I realised there are seven of them, I think I got a little too excited, oops... I don't know how fast I can read, so getting through all seven can be a bit problematic. But, on the other hand, I can't wait to expand my vocabulary, develop my intelligence, and also enjoy life and stillness and the magic of words even more - all with the help of books. I mean, that's what books are for. :)

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