Update: I Am Back!

Hello everyone!

It sure feels good to be back! With the last of the matriculation examinations (MEs) done, I can now continue blogging as usual! Woo!

You can tell I'm super excited to start writing and photographing for the blog, and just live my life after all the stress around school. Well, you can't really talk about "stress" when it comes to the exams - even to my very own surprise, I was calm and confident the whole time around the exams! I thought about making a separate blog post all about my thoughts around it, and some study methods I took advantage of. It'd be so much fun!

2018-03-25 07.38.29 2.jpg

After the casual test week that started this week and lasts for about two weeks, I can merrily say that I will have all the time in the world for blogging, as I'm doing all my final period's courses independently! Because I have both Finnish and Swedish (in addition to philosophy!) in the next, final period, I will most likely be going to theatre plays with my class and indulge myself with culture - I can draw all the benefits of the course, without ever entering the school building (except when getting the tickets from the teachers, of course)!

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There are so many possibilities for the upcoming spring, so much to blog about! In just a few days my blog has its first birthday, can you believe that? Easter is also coming up and I'm so excited, because it means time with relatives and lots and lots of chocolate! Well, I'm actually playing with a carb-reducing diet, so technically I should ditch the chocolate, but for occasions like these it's totally acceptable, don't you think? :)

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Anyway, this post was it, now I'm going off to get ready for the evening. Writing this while watching Love It Or List It while drinking vanilla tea in my warm, cosy bed is just perfect!

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I have so much planned for the future - even in video format! I can't wait for what's next and bring you those things through my blog ❤

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Spring Shopping + The Blog's Very 1st Birthday!

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