Spring Shopping + The Blog's Very 1st Birthday!

Spring Shopping + The Blog's Very 1st Birthday!

Hello everybody!

Oh gosh, this day's just been perfect, in the lack of a better word. Ever since waking up and turning the morning hours into pure blissful moments, to sitting down and writing this blog post after a day of a series of good events, it's just been so good. I thought I'd tell you a bit about my day, and the items I purchased today - because there is a lot of them! I also almost forgot that today, on March 31st, my blog Pearls of Pella turns one year old - it's crazy! I will reflect a bit of my time writing this blog in the end, if you keep reading! Let's now jump into the many highlights that made this day, shall we?

I woke up at around 5 a.m. which is totally normal on holidays - now that the Easter holidays are upon us, it came as no surprise to me. I just sometimes wish I could transfer that habit of waking up early and not going back to sleep to my school days, but I don't think the Universe or even my granny body would approve, LOL!

Today half of my being regrets that I didn't document the moment of taking the cold tea I brewed yesterday but was too tired to actually drink the night before, grabbing one of my favourite books at the moment (also featured in my reading list) known as You Are A Badass, and just sitting in my new room's chair, sipping cold, delicious tea while reading a bit of the book. I ended up closing the book and sitting there, with tea in my hands, looking at the world that awoke from its sleep. Half of me doesn't regret this, because I was so lost in the moment and thinking mindfully while watching the sun rise.

Fast forward to a few hours later, when I was drinking my morning coffee, having just walked the dog girls in the spring weather (meaning winter weather that is slowly but surely melting away for spring to come!) and enjoying life, and enjoying the fact I'd go grocery shopping with Mum. K-Citymarket shopping is good, not only because of their huge size and the fact you'll find everything you need and more, but also because they have so much more than just food. That's why I joined Mum on her errand, to help her get groceries for us and my grandparents, and also to have a look what I'd find for myself.

I have been loving the idea of making my room a safe haven, a nest for myself, and a room I can call my room. Because of issues in the family I haven't really felt my room to be that much of my own room, but instead there's a lingering vibe that in the end, it's somebody else's. I'm determined of making my room feel super nice and cosy, with accents of myself to make it my very own room. I thought I'd share my room project details in a separate post, probably when my independent studies begin, because I don't want to spill it all right here, but expect a post about it later on!

Anyway, we then come to the point where I share with you my spring shopping items, the things I bought at the grocery shop today! I admit to going only half-insane, not completely nuts when picking out these items, but whatever the reason, these all were items I had wanted for a while and now took the opportunity to grab at the store. You'll see what I mean!

Let's start with this scented candle. Like nap blankets and pillows, I use to hoard these and never can get enough of them! My favourite room scent of winter, Airwick's Mom's Baking candle, died sadly a month back and ever since I've been on the hunt of a scent for spring. And I think I just found the one! This is the Airwick Life Scents candle in the smell Delight, and delightful is exactly what this candle smells like! According to the package it's a smell of melon, white flowers and vanilla - yep, you can imagine the lovely, lovely smell! I'm saving to burn it after writing this blog post, while unwinding from the day and eating Easter chocolate. Maybe playing some longed-for World of Warcraft, just maybe? :)

2018-03-31 06.35.20 1.jpg

And like scented candles, I have come to realise I'm quite obsessed with the Garnier Respons hair masks, because I just bought the two missing pieces of my "collection". They're just so wonderful, especially paired with a sauna night and a face mask! The caring mask contains argan and camelia oil and helps with caring your hair and making it shinier, while the gentle caring mask has rice cream and oat milk, and cares for the hair, making it silky soft. Just reading the labels makes me so excited to try these on already!

2018-03-31 12.31.03 3.jpg

Now that the upstairs bathroom is right next to my bedroom, I have equally many beauty supplies in the sauna room and in the bathroom, or at least that's what I strive for. The basement sauna bathroom has a body cream that is absolutely a-ma-zing, and I had contemplated on buying a duplicate just so I'd have one in stock for when it's done. It came from a BetteBox but little did I know you could find it at ordinary grocery shops, not just the cosmetics section of Stockmann! I saw this and grabbed it, and I'm already ready to try it after using up the Vaseline spray moisturiser a while back. This is the Nivea oil in lotion body moisturiser, and contains vanilla and almond oil, which is different from the floral smell of the one downstairs. It's still quickly absorbing, at least that's what the package says, so it should easily become part of my evening routine, like the other one during sauna beauty nights!

2018-03-31 12.31.01 1.jpg

Speaking of my room that's situated right next to the upstairs bathroom, I was so inspired to start my room project this morning that I just decided I wanted flowers in my bedroom. And a flower bouquet is what I bought, this one of roses in lovely pink spring colours! I also bought a beautiful vase to go with them, and after putting them on my night stand when I came home, I just can't take my eyes off them! If you have the possibility, I highly recommend to get some flowers in the bedroom - it's sure to spruce up any room, especially after the grey winter!

2018-03-31 12.31.02 2.jpg

I admit it, I'm obsessed with beauty products, like makeup (that I went shopping earlier this week), but more importantly: skincare products. I mentioned in my 18 things I've learned in 18 years post that I prefer good skin over any coverage makeup, and that's still valid today. That's why I was so excited for the L'Oréal sugar scrubs, because they seem to not be bad for the environment, and also, I think sugar scrubs actually do their job pretty good, speaking from the experience of using the LUSH sugar lip scrub in Sugar Plum Fairy. I'm excited to start using this product right away, because I'm determined to rescue my skin from the dryness and dullness of the winter now that spring and summer are coming. I'll tell you what I thought about it later!

2018-03-31 12.31.02 1.jpg

Another skincare item I bought was this 7th Heaven Exfoliator & Masque face mask, because some pampering is needed when it's the holidays, right? I thought I'd take a bath someday, perhaps tomorrow or on Monday (the 2nd Easter day), and put this to the test. I love the 7th Heaven face masks, even the peeling masks actually do their job. Who am I kidding, I love all kinds of face masks, that's why I'm so into trying this one out for the first time!

2018-03-31 12.31.00 2.jpg

The last things on the list of what I purchased from the grocery shop are two packs of xylitol chewing gum to help with sugar cravings, and my favourite low fat, low carb and high protein ice cream, Lohilo's salted caramel ice cream (not pictured). After these, I was good to go!

2018-03-31 12.30.59 1.jpg

We later went to an Easter street fair and had so much fun just looking through the stalls of food and handmade items. To sum the experience up: I fell in love with strong cheese in cubes, I got to pet a pony, I experienced an overly-enthusiastic Christian's conversation while purchasing a simple dream catcher, and I ate the most delicious fried vendace meal in my whole life. Oh, the memories I'll cherish later on! ;)

2018-03-31 06.35.18 3.jpg

From the fair I got this dream catcher like I said, but also the prettiest hat, a wine red baker boy hat - I am in love!! I think I'll wear this when I'm off to Porvoo in a few weeks, as part of my OOTD; and the dream catcher found its way to hang from my bookshelf from a tape hook. Just perfect.

2018-03-31 06.35.16 3.jpg

At home I took a nap, but before that, I took a moment to appreciate the room that I have. As I mentioned earlier I have a distant relationship with my own room, but these moments of love, of lying in bed and smiling because of the room the Universe had gifted me, are to be cherished. Deep inside I know I love my room, I just need to dig the feelings up to the surface. In the mean time, I shall focus on making my room as good and lovable as I can - not for anybody else but me. I think that sounds quite good for anybody to do, doesn't it? :)

2018-03-31 06.35.18 2.jpg

Now I'm writing this blog post in one of my favourite places of my room, with a series of videos running in the background. The room is on the southern end of the house, which means cold winters and a cold room, but now that the sun's been out it's actually been one of the hottest rooms in the whole house! I had to open my windows for the first time this year, just to get some fresh air in here. That, if something, tells us that spring is clearly on its way!

2018-03-31 06.35.18 1.jpg

As to make my day even better, I thank the Universe for the miraculously good day I had today, because right when I was going to start writing this post, my little brother walked in with a large bottle of sugar-free Coca Cola just for me! I can't believe it, but now I can believe everything truly has perfect timing, making this day complete, and the wonderful day it was! ❤


And I also thank the Universe for granting me the possibility to write a blog like Pearls of Pella. It's now been a year of written talk and photography through different devices; so much has happened that I have documented here and will continue to share with you; and most importantly, blogging has given me peace of mind, a positive outlook in life and so much goodness that I don't even comprehend at this very moment. The passion for blogging is ever so burning, even though pauses in posts have happened. I'm determined to continue, and to never quit. That was it for this year, and it was glorious, to say the least. I can't wait what the future brings!

Here's an imaginary toast to the best twelve months yet, to the memories made and to many, many years more of them! ❤

What have been your favourites posts so far? Always remember you can suggest content and I will take it into genuine consideration - I love hearing from you all! ❤

Have a safe night! And happy Easter to all you who celebrate it, and a lovely weekend for those that don't! ❤

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