My Spring Bucket List for 2018!

My Spring Bucket List for 2018!

Hello there!

Sorry for not being around here much or even elsewhere, on social media. I have been feeling quite ill these last few days, yesterday I caught the beginnings of a flu, and today the illness hit me like a bomb and I have now officially been a flu patient for a day. I wanted to get this post sooner up, but today I have been trying to to rest it out, though I actually feel worse than before, and it doesn't seem to get any better: just a few hours ago I had to use tissues for my suddenly running nose for the first time. I know it gets better with time, and that blogging is something that can wait if needed... it's just very frustrating to sit (or lie down) just for the sake of waiting.

Much else has happened this week as well - better things - and so I deliberately chose last week to be kind of the "settling" week where I get used to having independent studies and the freedom provided with it. My "monthly womanhood cycle" finally started last week, and I've had the weirdest feelings because of it.

Those feelings include dead-serious nesting that only happens to pregnant ladies, and an urge to get fit for July - which is possibly to be rekindled once the flu is over - because that's when my birthday is and a very special trip is bound to happen. (I will explain the trip in time, it's still a big try to get it together but it's gradually assembling the pieces, so I strongly believe it's something that is coming to a reveal at some point during the spring or summer!) I also started to gather the pieces of my biggest dream job, which is being an author, though there's still a long way of research and creativity bursts to go.

Anyway, those things are not the main focus for this post. As my independent studies have come to a beginning through getting the last instructions from my teachers, and my freedom actually starts to feel like a freedom, I can happily say I can start to plan my next five weeks ahead, and follow my wishes and dreams. I've made a bucket list from the weeks, even a month before this "break" as you could say, and I think it's also a suitable spring bucket list. It follows the pattern of the looseness and openness and the theme of an easy-going, feel-good list, like my other bucket lists, so I think you will like it as much as I do!

Pictures featured are pictures from throughout the week, from the very beginning of the week down to Sunday evening. Enjoy!

  • Have a bar night at DTM with friends. Yes, that's how much I miss going to the first gay bar I ever visited. Even though some say it's overpriced, and even though there were a dangerous amount of heteros, I missed dancing all night long in the company of my good friends, and the memories made are too lovely to not go there again. Of course I know DTM is not the only queer bar in Helsinki, so I could give other bars a try as well - with people who will keep the tiny, curious me safe from the creepers!
  • Explore Helsinki, Porvoo and other cities. When I travel I usually am bound to time. I shouldn't. I should only be bound to a map. I want to see more of Helsinki, explore those little corners I haven't even seen but only heard of, and the same goes for any other city in Finland, such as my beloved Porvoo. Porvoo's Old Town is one of the loveliest places I know, and it's been over a year since I last saw it, so now that it's actually spring it's definitely something I want to revisit!
  • Revamp the look of the blog. I've meant to do this for so long, and my only excuse has been "when I get a new camera I will do it". Yes, getting a new camera is actually on my bucket list here, but it shouldn't keep me from designing my dream blog layout that much. I've already kind of started, but it's more like "I want this theme and then I'm off", so it's still in its fetus stage. You will literally see when the design is different, trust me! ;)
  • Read outside. Oh dear heavens, I want to do this so bad already. And in the next coming days, now that my base for the independent studies is grounded, I think I will. I've missed reading outside on the porch, with steaming tea and a blanket wrapped around me, it's something so worth the while and pleasant to do - definitely coming back to my bucket list after the flu is gone.
  • Go to a Facebook event. So far I've only got requests and notifications of people around me running to events on Facebook, and I think it's finally my turn to try it out. If something exciting happens around Helsinki or Vantaa, and my schedule says yes, it's probable to see me around there!
2018-04-14 11.40.00 3.jpg
  • Have a shopping spree. Oops, I think I've already done this one. Though, with a budget planned just for this time, I think it can be done as many times as the savings and allowances let me. Right?
  • See a theatre play. This was something I wrote on my list way before the break started, and now that I got the instructions for the Finnish course, I got to know we're seeing Julia ja Romeo (in Eng. "Juliet and Romeo", sic) in May. I even got to pick the day when I want to go see it on my own! I'm also reading the theatre play by Shakespeare, though will get my hands on the book only after I resolve a problem that happened when I tried to pay my library fee online - the library's website says the payment was never paid, but my money went to the online payment system and I never got it back. Dammit!
  • See a musical. Something I will do independently - ha - because as far as I know my courses do not involve seeing a musical this time. There are plenty to choose from, and I can choose the one that interests me the most, so I think it works well out that way too! I feel the best month to see musicals is in May, so I will start hunting for a good one in time!
  • Have a coffee shop self date. Self dates are a thing nowadays, at least with the inspirational creative souls I follow around on social media. It's when you take the day just doing the things you like, pampering and treating yourself well, and just loving yourself. Easier said, it's like taking yourself out on a date. I want to sit down at a coffee shop, with a nice cup of coffee and something to eat, a sketch book with pencils or a regular book - whatever I feel like treating myself with. And the best part, as mentioned earlier, no clock is needed, so I have all the time in the world to treat and love myself just as much as I'd do to a significant other on a date. Sounds fun? It will be documented on the blog whenever I take action to do it - and I really want it to be soon! :)
2018-04-12 10.04.09 1.jpg
  • Visit the beach, when it's warmer. Obviously it's too cold now in April, but maybe in late spring it's more probable. If the weather continues to get warmer as it does right now, I can't wait to throw on some shorts and a tee and dig my toes into the sandy beaches of Helsinki!
  • Get a new camera. As you can tell I'm not splurging all my money on shopping sprees. I'm actually saving up for a new camera, and I think I've found one that fits all my needs! It goes well with a tripod, it has a nice size, it has a selfie window and has so many more oh-so wonderful features, I can't wait to actually purchase it! It's definitely needed for when I go on trips, like the trip we plan to take in the summer. I'm actually planning to go to Stockholm for a few days some week, but because my phone has such a good camera I think it suits well for a mini-trip like that one - but for the bigger trip, and for more efficient blogging, I will definitely have use for a real camera, a small travel-friendly SLR. More on that hopefully soon!
  • Finish reading a book. My reading list for 2018 has many books I really want to read by the end of the year, and so many new ones are popping up everywhere and urging me to read them. Right now I'm reading The Universe Has Your Back and You Are A Badass from the reading lists, but also Rachel Hollis' Girl, Wash Your Face has climbed to my heart because of its unique self-help style that is not directly even self-help. You'll have to read it to see it! One or more of the books are going to be read this spring I hope, and as I look at them now I realise I have a nice selection to choose from!
2018-04-14 11.40.00 2.jpg
  • Revamp my bedroom for summer. It's partially because of the nesting during my period, partially it's something I have wanted to do for a longer time. But nesting has definitely enhanced it, and so I clean and arrange my room with new scented candles, bedding and decorations, and so much more. I don't know when I'll do a full room tour, and if it's going to be on YouTube or here as a post on the blog, but I'll let you know when it's time. Other than that, I've really enjoyed this nesting phase and getting my room in order - it's something that I cherish once it hits me, especially when it's all done and I can enjoy a fully cleaned room!
  • Go swimming - often. Indoors! I had a course in P.E. the previous period and I chose to do one class independently by going water running and swimming at our local swimming bath. It felt so good I decided on the spot I'd go there often during my six week break! I haven't been there yet, but I'm planning to go there several times a week once I'm feeling better. It's going to be so much fun!
2018-04-14 11.40.00 1.jpg
  • Watch shows on Netflix. I admittedly suck at watching shows on Netflix alone. I've never been good at it, and I usually can't sit down for even two consequent episodes of a show I actually really like. I will challenge myself to try binge-watching a show or two during my break, and I hope I have enough self-discipline to do something as simple and enjoyable as to see episodes of a show I've desperately wanted to know how the story goes!
  • Finally order stuff online. I've procrastinated this long enough, giving myself excuses that I don't have enough money or need more time to figure out what I want. The reality is that on Etsy, for example, I've had stuff sitting around in my shopping cart (and even more in my Favourites) waiting to be purchased for as long as I can remember. I really feel like getting those items, as well as from many other online shops I've been putting aside from ordering, so I'm really trying to get my act together and finally order the things I want for my room. After all, the sooner I do that, the sooner I can enjoy a nicely and newly decorated bedroom!
  • Visit grandparents. Because I love them so much, both maternal and paternal, and want to show them that I appreciate them. I find more time on my hands now with my break, so I will definitely pay them a longer visit!
  • Eat at a new restaurant. With my urban exploring I think I'll find a few new restaurants here and there, and will most definitely try them out - even if they are outside my comfort zone. Curiosity is very much golden and variety is the spice of life!
2018-04-14 11.40.02 1.jpg
  • Practise Italian. I've been meaning to do this - emphasis on the meaning - so many times that I had really forgotten about it. It came around as I was filling on my bucket list one day, and I thought it would be neat to try it out again. I only know the simplest things - ragazza and such - all the way to knowing how to pronounce an incoherent sentence that can never even be used: la donna mangia una mela - the woman eats an apple. If I'd go to Italy I could probably, as a woman, survive on apples the whole trip! Jokes aside, it would be very cool to pick up the language again, because languages are actually a richness, in my honest opinion, and a whole new world opens when you learn a new one!
  • Rent a film. Something kind of old school here in modern Finland. Nobody rents anything any more because of Netflix and such, but that's kind of the point: I want to rent something that my little country doesn't have in subscription channels. Like Warcraft. Yes, I want to see it for the 3rd time, because I just feel it so much. Every. Single. Day.
  • Start creating, and doing. Start writing or, to be honest, doing anything off this bucket list. I've been sitting back for too long, letting inspiration soak in but not excite my physical being enough to start doing it. Now it's time for action! The threshold between planning and action is high, but nothing I wouldn't overcome. In fact, they go well along, and I can't wait for this blasted flu to blow over and let me do the things I love to do, the way I love to do them. And of course, I will do my best in documenting it all, so I may share the experience with You, my readers! :)
2018-04-15 08.06.39 1.jpg

That's a nice, hefty list I have there, and as I said, all I'm doing now is waiting for the illness to go away, with the help of natural medication and well-needed rest. This day was all about that, literally. Still at this moment, as I'm finishing this post, every movement and standing up is like I just ran a marathon, so you might imagine what it felt like when I took the dogs for a "morning" walk after waking up at last at 12. I haven't felt this ill for a very long time, but for the sake of being home alone tomorrow as well, I thought I'd give myself a little pamper in a hot bath, and make a post about it later! Just keeping the stress away and taking care of myself, because that's all I can do with a grungy brain. Until that, I'll take care of myself in every other way, like you should be doing every day, no matter what.

Have a lovely night everyone! See you soon! ❤

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