The Biggest April Fools' Joke

The Biggest April Fools' Joke

Yep. I'm looking at it right through my window.

After all the days of bright sunshine and warmth that made my room at the southern end of the house literally feel like a mild sauna, came this. A snow storm that has lasted all day long.

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It's not just the rural areas of Vantaa that are affected; I visited my grandma in Helsinki and spent all the afternoon talking to cousins, my aunt and my uncle who came from England to enjoy a week of their spring break here in Finland. Looking out the window, we all saw endless snowfall and mountains of snow that covered even the trees for the first time in all the city's winter. Of course, my cousins couldn't even have imagined it to be like this, so they hadn't packed anything much warmer than fluffy socks. You were not prepared.

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Honestly, if I was to go to another country during my spring break, I would want it to be everything else than this - a "takatalvi" as we call it here in Finland, meaning something like "winter coming back at us when we least expect it". The weather forecasts hadn't got any idea either - well, except when Easter was well upon us, they announced that it would be snowfall today. Little did we know this easy, light cover of snow would actually give us a new reason to tidy up the driveway. There's snow and soon-to-be ice everywhere.

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I remember how it snowed last year very late into spring. Coincidentally, it was within the first ten posts I wrote here! It was May already when the snow just didn't want to stop - it was a nightmare, but that didn't prevent the rest of the year from being amazing.

That's the same way I'm thinking for this snow will do in 2018. I've been following the weather forecasts and they say that despite the night's ice, the snow will melt away in a few days at most. On Thursday they even forecasted rain and warmer weather, which will melt away the last remaining signs of winter! And since I don't need to go outside today any more, I'm actually finding the snow quite cosy. Just a bit of a disappointment, but somewhat of a hygge-feeling is attached to it. I'm trying to focus on the positive sides of it, just to keep my sanity in check.

And my cousins didn't mind the snow too much, either. They actually got pretty excited about it, and already planned to go sledding tomorrow, if the snow stays! Seeing my much younger cousins' enthusiasm is something that keeps my spirits high as well, I don't really know why. Same with playful cats and dogs, again, keeping my mind vibrant with good energy.

2018-04-02 06.54.45 1.jpg

The #1 takeaway from this all is that even though April fools was filled with everything from bunny mounts in WoW to favourite bands announcing fake albums, the weather won the "gotcha" day award by far. Nobody fools like the weather by keeping it warm and sunny, and then the night after April Fool's, surprises everybody with heavy snowfall.

Thanks, weather, nice, you won, now give us the spring break into the summer holidays we all deserve. Sincerely, the entirety of Finland.

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